Qi Gong
$15with Reece
  • Qigong is an ancient exercise and healing technique, it is based on traditional Chinese medicine and has been used medicinally for over 6000 years! It utilizes controlled breathing, visualization, stretching and dynamic movements to help move Qi, or life force energy, in and around the body, in order to clear meridians or acupressure points and thereby allow the body to move closer in to harmony and balance.
  • Learn the basic qigong breath exercises and movements to realign your energies and feel your best. Beginners are welcome!
Transformation Through Deep Presence Meditation
$15with Fatcha
  • Do you yearn for inner stillness and to sustain it?
  • This class is a practice to cultivate the mind- body coherence through breathing consciously, drawing energy from attention inside, clearing low-vibrational energy and realigning with your center. This allows for Transformation through Energy Adjustments to deepen your Presence.
  • Please bring a pillow or indicate if you prefer a chair upon arrival.