Dolphin MPS Therapy

Chronic Pain Treatment

Dolphin MPS
$ 70 30 Minutes
  • Non Invasive
  • Targeted Focus
  • Quick Treatment

Vagus Nerve Treatment

Dolphin MPS
$ 70 30 Minutes
  • Non Invasive
  • Heal damage from chronic stress
  • Improves Vagal Tone

3" or Less Scar Reduction

Less than 3 Inches
$ 70 30 Minutes
  • Non Invasive
  • Brief Treatment
  • Quickly minimizes appearances of scars

3" and More Scar Reducation

3 Inches or More
$ 120 60 Minutes
  • Non Invasive
  • Brief Treatment
  • Reduces appearance and pain from scars

Evolve Homewood is proud to now offer MPS Therapy. Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) is a technique used to treat chronic pain and tissue scarring naturally. The Dolphin Neurostim (TM) device uses a small DC electrical current to acupuncture and trigger points. This technique allows for specific and powerful stimulation to the nervous, muscular, and endocrine systems all at one which quickly relieves chronic pain and also reduces the appearance of scars. 

How the Dolphin MPS Therapy works: 

Combining Western Neurology and Eastern Accupuncture the Dolphin sends brief electric pulses to targeted points along the body. This device was developed through neurologic endorphin research in the 1980’s. This was the first time that Direct Current (or DC) electrical currents were found to positively effect various body systems. Small and gentle electrical currents were found to reduce stress hormones in the body, relax muscles and release endorphins resulting in reduced pain and muscle stress.

How is the Dolphin MPS different from a TENS Machine?

TENS Devices use Alternating Currents in which electrical currents change directions back and forth over itself. This is the same time of current used in most household appliances. The Dolphin uses Direct Current electrical currents which flows in one continuous direction, the same way that electrical currents move through the human body. The Dolphin also differs from a TENS device in that it uses a pulse that is thousands of times weaker than what is used in TENS treatments. Because of this gentle strength and precise application the treatment is able to stimulate cellular growth and promote nervous system healing. 


What are the benefits to Dolphin MPS Treatments?

      •  Chronic pain relief
      • Relief without drugs or other invasive procedures
      • Quick treatment sessions less than 20 minutes in length

What can MPS Therapy help treat? 

      •  Arthritis
      • Back Pain/Sciatica
      • Bursitis
      • Tendonitis
      • TMJ/TMD
      • Sports Injuries
      • Menstrual Cramps
      • Scars and Adhesions