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September 20, 2022 @ 5:30 pm 8:30 pm

Mabon is the second of the three harvest festivals in the wheel of the year. It is officially the first day of fall and the autumn equinox. Light and dark are in equal balance, but tomorrow the dark will overtake the light as we move into the shorter days of winter. Energy is moving back inward. Trees drop their leaves to build soil and begin returning their energy to their roots. We, ourselves, are slowing down and carrying a deeper, inward energy. We are a year older, a year wiser.

The maiden energy of spring has transformed into the mother energy of summer and now begins to morph again into the wisdom energy of the crone. The crone carries the gift of discernement. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to cut away what does not serve her highest good.

Light and dark hang in perfect balance as we move into the sign of balance- Libra. We must begin examining what in our life may be out of balance so that we may release that as we move through the dark season, using it as fertile compost for next year’s growth. Pre-registration is required for this class because we will be working with custom formulas for balancing our unique energies. Every participant will receive a custom evaluation of their constitution according to Southern Folk Medicine- and then will receive a custom formula designed to bring balance to their life.

In ritual, we will connect with Demeter- a harvest Goddess I personally love and resonate with. To me, Demeter is all about the balance in the harvest- the seed that forms as the plant dies. Beauty and sorrow are woven into a beautiful tapestry of life as we become wise to the inseparable connection between life and death.

To help us begin to wind down from the heat and excitement of summer we will utilize plant allies of chamomile, linden, and passionflower in a beautifully balanced, relaxing tea. We will connect with a hawthorn extracted in pomegranate juice to help our hearts open wide enough to hold the beauty of the sacred mystery.

Come wind down, relax, and enjoy the descent into the mystery of the darker months.

Home practice kits are available to those who cannot join in person.


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