The Evolve Family

Our Therapists and Teachers

Cameron Broadnax

Massage Therapist LMT #6213

Cameron is a licensed massage therapist who believes our hands are a gift and through them, we can channel the love in our hearts to relieve the suffering of those around us. Cameron a Homewood local, graduated from the University of South Alabama in healthcare management. He Attended Wiregrass School of Massage Therapy in Dothan.

With every client he brings excellence in various massage techniques. He is committed to providing consistent, high quality, customer service. In addition to massage therapy, Cameron enjoys reading, traveling out of the country, beach trips, exercise, practicing his craft, and watching sports.

Madeleine Arthur

Massage Therapist LMT#6160

Madeleine is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy (NMT). They are full of gratitude for being in a position to help people bring their bodies into alignment. They believe that, in this lifetime, we need to make friends with our bodies and show them thanks for allowing us to move through this world. Everyone (of all walks of life) deserves to feel at home within themselves. Madeleine is excited to serve all kinds of people, especially the LGBTQIA+ and trans community.

They graduated from the Birmingham School of Massage and are looking forward to meeting you!

Samer Loulou

Massage Therapist LMT #: 4649, Synergetic Structrual Integration Master, Myofascial Release

Samer (“Sam-mer”, rhymes with “hammer”) Loulou has been a massage therapist for over 35 years. He started in Cairo, Egypt working with athletes and moved to the United States in 2002. He is holds a master level certification in Synergetic Structural Integration, which is a modality inspired by the work of Dr. Ida Rolf. He holds a bachelor level degree in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. He also practices Deep Tissue, Cupping, Aromatherapy, and Neuromuscular Therapy. In his free time he enjoys reading about history.


Dalton Spralding

Massage Therapist LMT #

Dalton is a state licensed massage therapist since 2016 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai Massage, and certified Reiki 2 practitioner. He specializes in Pain Management and excels with highly specific, thorough bodywork to eliminate pain issues wherever they may be found within the body.

Dalton is a lover of all things outdoors, from hiking and swimming, to hunting mushrooms and spelunking. When not outdoors or working, he can often be found snuggling his cats, reading science fiction novels, practicing Yoga, or tinkering with anything powered by electricity.

Leah Denmark

Catalyst for Personal Enlightenment, Empowerment & Evolution

Leah was was gifted with an exceptional Gift of Sight after a profound near death experience in her early twenties. Her lifelong spiritual journey has guided her to be of service with her clear clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient gifts to clients worldwide for more than 20 years.

Leah offers Soul Journey Hand Analysis, Divine Source Channeling, Psychic Reiki, Intuitive Card Readings, and individual, couple, and group sessions using Sacred Tools and Practices to amplify Spiritual Connection and enlighten the soul’s journey. Discover how you can connect with your own deep truths and inner wisdom with courage, clarity and confidence, to enlighten your path ahead and live with deeper peace and greater joy in this lifetime and beyond.

Kaitlyn Kennard

Massage Therapist LMT#5819

Kaitlyn is a state licensed massage therapist certified in neuromuscular and a registered labor and delivery nurse. She loves the complexity and intricacy of the human body and enjoys helping her clients with pain therapy, stress relief, or a mix of the two.

When she’s not working with clients or helping deliver babies, Kaitlyn soaks in all the things that make life worth living: spending time with her people, grilling delicious food, hiking until her legs fall off, drinking to much caffeine, writing epic fantasy stories in her head, and snuggling her two cats, Kiki and Nyx.

Fatcha (Elizabeth Pearson)

Life and Soul Coach, Meditation Instructor

Fatcha (Elizabeth) is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Meditation Instructor Sacred Earth Practitioner, and Shamanic Journey Practitioner (since 1997). Fatcha’s passion is exploring humanity’s transformation in consciousness with individuals committed to Evolving, and awakening people to their intrinsic soul connection with Nature and Light. Through her meditation and shamanic journey over the past 25 years, Fatcha Realized that through meditation consciousness is accessible, and through consciousness alignment with our soul becomes the contribution for humanity’s higher potential.
Fatcha’s meditation and coaching experience draws from courses in Epigenetics, Quantum Field Techniques, Sacred Geometry, Mindfullness Meditation, Self Realization, Consciousness Research, Transformational Facilitation, Coaching and Leadership

Our Partners

Valerie Chastain

Massage Therapist LMT#3612, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Health Coach

Valerie has been a state licensed massage therapist since 2011 with a certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and is certified Reiki Master Teacher. She specializes in Pain Management and loves helping clients with chronic neck pain. She has a focus on helping clients manage Auto-Immune Disorders. Valerie is also certified in Pregnancy Massage.

Valerie has a life-long passion for integrative medicine and Eastern Healing practices. Valerie and Michael have a four year old son, and two girls between them. In her free time she tends organic gardens and has a vast working knowledge of supplements and nutrition.

Michael Disko

Massage Therapist LMT# 3841, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Coach

Michael is a massage therapist and Reiki Master, meditation instructor and spiritual coach. He specializes his massage – using focused, precise pressure and stretching to relieve chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, or low back and hips.

Michael has been mediating since he was a child and is a passionate mediation instructor focused on teaching his students how to connect to divine consciousness through mindfulness and breath work.

He has also developed his Spiritual Coaching program called Transformational Pathwork that is focused on teaching his students how to rewrite self-limiting beliefs to tune into their dreams.

Ian Krusinski

Massage Therapist #4265, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Sound Healer

Ian has been a state licensed massage therapist since 2015 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and is also certified Reiki Master Teacher. He specializes in Pain Management and utilizes unique kneading and stretching techniques to combat chronic pain issues, whether your neck, back, or hips are you concern. Ian has also had a life-long interest in the healing power of music and is a certified Sound Healer.

Ian is an accomplished aromatherapist and he curates our crystal inventory. When he’s not in a therapy session he is likely working on a new landscaping project, gardening, or making some of his unique silver wire-wrap metaphysical jewelry.

Our Front Desk

Gillian Watson

Front Desk

Gillian is an Alabama native. She has been on a spiritual journey for more than two years. She feels connected to crystals and chakra healing as well as having an innate empathic nature. Gillian is often referred to as “happy go lucky.”  In her spare time traveling is one of her biggest goals and reading is a favorite hobby. Gillian has a house plant collection she cares for and a cat named Circe whom she loves. Gillian believes there is always a time and place for her and that intuition led her to Evolve.

Marisa Sitz

Front Desk Associate

Marisa is Birmingham born and raised. Her spirituality is rooted in service—she participated in a group meditation in 2014 at Glide Methodist Church in San Francisco and has been drawn to Chakra work ever since. Her background is in nonprofit and in LGBTQ Rights and Disability Advocacy. She is excited to be at Evolve and strengthen her own spiritual core and also support others seeking spiritual growth.

She inherited a large collection of crystals when she got married—Marisa and her wife Anna also have 2 black cats (Vincent and Binx) and 1 dog (Nora). She enjoys playing video games, doing cross stitch, and reading.

Our Guest Instructors

Sunny Kirkland

Sunny Kirkland

Sound Healing Practitioner

Sunny Kirkland is a seasoned practitioner and passionate teacher of healing arts. She integrates yoga, meditation, bodywork, sound healing, Reiki and plant & energy medicines to deliver personalized wholistic healing. She weaves her wisdom to create unique experiences where one can transform suffering into soul awareness, embodiment and freedom.

Jade Bradford

Reiki Master & Intuitive Reader

Jade is a Birmingham local. Jade felt cosmic energy pull him to Evolve. He offers intuitive tarot readings and Sound Healing for private sessions, events, parties, and celebrities. Jade uses his intuition and spiritual gifts with a passion for sharing knowledge and guidance. Working with energy healing, he is able to help hold a safe space for the client to get to the root of the matter and provide clarity/healing. Jade also uses the Clair senses (Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognition, and Clairvoyance) to better understand the energy the client is working with.