The Evolve Family

Our Partners

Valerie Chastain

Massage Therapist LMT#3612, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Health Coach

Valerie is a Certified Health Coach, IIN. She is focused on helping people with Auto-Immune Disorders. Valerie is also a state licensed massage therapist since 2011, with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master Teacher. She specializes in Pain Management and loves helping clients with chronic neck pain. Valerie is also certified in Pregnancy Massage.

Valerie has a life-long passion for integrative medicine and Eastern Healing practices. Valerie and Michael have a four year old son, and two girls between them. In her free time she tends organic gardens and has a vast working knowledge of supplements and nutrition.

Michael Disko

Massage Therapist LMT# 3841, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach

Michael is a meditation instructor and transformational life coach. He is also a massage therapist and Reiki Master. He specializes his massage – using focused, precise pressure and stretching to relieve chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, or low back and hips.

Michael has been mediating since he was a child and is a passionate mediation instructor focused on teaching his students how to connect to divine consciousness through mindfulness and breath work.

He has also developed his Life Coaching course called Transformational Pathwork that is focused on teaching his students how to rewrite self-limiting beliefs to tune into their dreams.

Ian Krusinski

Massage Therapist #4265, Reiki Master Teacher

Ian is a state licensed massage therapist since 2015 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master Teacher. He specializes in Pain Management and utilizes unique kneading and stretching techniques to combat chronic pain issues, whether your neck, back, or hips are you concern.

Ian is an accomplished aromatherapist, and crystal aficionado. When he’s not in a therapy session he is likely working on a new landscaping project, gardening, or making some of his unique silver wire-wrap metaphysical jewelry.

Our Therapists and Teachers

Jenna Bevens

Massage Therapist LMT#5511, Reiki Master Teacher, Esthetician, Astrologer & Instructor

Jenna has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016 in multiple states, certified in IET as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. She has specializations in holistic wellness and chronic pain management. Her practice incorporates multiple techniques into sessions based off of body reading and client preferences.

Jenna is a forever student always looking to learn new things. When not working with clients she is reading the stars, collecting new crystals, or dipping her toes into a new topic.

Kaitlyn Kennard

Massage Therapist LMT#5819

Kaitlyn is a state licensed massage therapist certified in neuromuscular and a registered labor and delivery nurse. She loves the complexity and intricacy of the human body and enjoys helping her clients with pain therapy, stress relief, or a mix of the two.

When she’s not working with clients or helping deliver babies, Kaitlyn soaks in all the things that make life worth living: spending time with her people, grilling delicious food, hiking until her legs fall off, drinking to much caffeine, writing epic fantasy stories in her head, and snuggling her two cats, Kiki and Nyx.

Lidie Gorupic

Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Lidie Gorupic’ is a registered nurse that specializes in trauma and surgical specialties, is a board-certified pediatric nurse, and Craniosacral Therapist since 2016 after training with the Upledger Institute.
Holistic health is something that has always been a passion of hers. Integrating her knowledge of Western medicine with alternative holistic methods relating to health and wellness and the human body is what brought her into practicing Craniosacral Therapy.
When Lidie isn’t practicing on clients, you can find her outdoors with her two kids and friends traveling and seeking adventures!



Massage Therapist

Dalton is a state licensed massage therapist since 2016 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai Massage, and certified Reiki 2 practitioner. He specializes in Pain Management and excels with highly specific, thorough bodywork to eliminate pain issues wherever they may be found within the body.

Dalton is a lover of all things outdoors, from hiking and swimming, to hunting mushrooms and spelunking. When not outdoors or working, he can often be found snuggling his cats, reading science fiction novels, practicing Yoga, or tinkering with anything powered by electricity.



Massage Therapist

Sparrow spends her time attending festivals, riding roller coasters, writing books… and is totally blind. She lost her sight at 12 years old, and after 20 years of primarily using her hands for sight, she decided to become a massage therapist. Sparrow is a deep tissue specialist that focuses on promoting general wellness, relaxation, and to bring healing to the body. She is excited about meeting new people and building a clientele at Evolve.

Gwen Timmons

Esthetician, Hydrafacial Specialist

Alabama Esthetician License #144830
Gwen Trained as a Professional Skin Therapist at Elise Esthetics Institute and Spa, an International Dermal Institute school located in Maitland, Florida. She came to Alabama in 2018 and was certified as an acne specialist in 2019.
Gwen fancies herself an artist, strategist, achiever, empath, esthetician and friend.
Having realized as a child she possessed an innate ability to put people at ease, Gwen knew her ‘purpose’ would involve caring for others. Years later, Gwen’s dreams were realized when she decided to become an esthetician.
Gwen loves meditation and journaling, art, cool dirt on bare feet, pulling cards, Jamaica, kind humans, her husband & her family, Sunny & Lola.

Fatcha (Elizabeth Pearson)

Meditation Instructor

Fatch (Elizabeth) is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Sacred Earth Practitioner, Meditation Guide and Certified Shamanic Journey Practitioner (since 1997). Elizabeth’s passion is to inspire people to align with their destiny and express their gifts for humanity’s evolution. Elizabeth has practiced many techniques of meditation over the past 25 years including Transcendental Meditation, Drunvalo Melchezedec’s Flower of Life and many journey meditations for clearing our soul container. She has trained with Tara Brach and Eckhart Tolle. Her additional trainings include Transformational Facilitation, Coaching and Leadership.

Reece Schaible

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Qi Gong Instructor

In mid 2014 Reece found himself, at only 31 years old, over 300 lbs and badly out of shape. This is when he decided to seek out a new and more balanced approach to health and wellness. He began going to yoga and to educate himself about nutrition, our bodies natural rhythms and cycles, and the way the body operates. It was also at this time when he learned about qigong!
His own healing was so profound, that he began to consider ways in which he could share these healing gifts with others. In 2019 he moved to Birmingham to attend the Birmingham School of Massage and to pursue a new career path. In 2021 he became a certified group leader through Spring Forest Qigong and is now also a Qigong instructor, massage therapist and reiki master. This new career path has opened many exciting new doors for Reece and he wants to share some of what he has learned with you so that you may share in his joy.


Massage Therapist LMT#6031

evashia Williams is a graduate of Birmingham School of Massage. Where she received a certification in neuromuscular and massage therapy. Jevashia has currently ended a 22 year career as a cosmetologist, as well as a 7 year career as an employee of UAB Spain rehab center; in order to begin a new journey in the massage industry.
Jevashia enjoys the feeling of being able to help someone relieve their stress & pain. During each session, she tries her best to cater to each client’s needs by incorporating both Swedish & deep tissue massage & and some trigger point therapy when needed.

Being a massage therapist is a dedication in her life each day to care for every client that comes her way. Jevashia strives to provide the best care during each session, and when each day is surely done she is grateful to have helped people.

In Jevashia’s spare time, she likes to be on the beach. She loves to swim and go tubing. Jevashia loves to travel and find fun places to zipline!


Massage Therapist LMT#5965

After receiving massage and it vastly improving his quality of life, Andy wanted to learn how to do that for others. He struggled with migraines throughout his life and found through massage there are trigger points to help with that. Helping others with their pain is what has set Andy on his path to healing.
Andy is also a Yoga instructor certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative Yoga.He enjoys teaching various breathing exercises and how to use them like tools, and is aspiring to travel and train to become a certified Wim Hof method instructor.

Aside from massage and yoga Andy has several fun pursuits and hobbies including: Calisthenics, Playing/making Music, steel mace training, climbing, vegetable gardening, cooking, acro yoga, fire dancing, and adventuring.

Our Front Desk

Larry Ross

General Manager

Larry moved from California to Alabama in 2018. Larry is Reiki 2 Certified and has been following a spiritual path for more than five years and has been learning about themselves through crystals, meditation, and gardening. They have their own hand-made candle brand called Burnable Boutiques and enjoy customizing gender neutral clothes in their spare time. Larry is very in tune with plants and the green earth. They believe we are all connected and the universe led them to Evolve.

Lauren Wheelock

Shop Associate

Lauren joined Evolve as part of her spiritual journey – a student of Buddhism, Celtic Lore, and Druidism. As well as working Evolve’s front desk and making awesome Reels for Evolve’s Instagram, Lauren runs her own flower business called FairyTales- where she makes beautiful arrangements for weddings and events. When she’s not working she might be camping with her partner, or doing yoga.

Our Guest Instructors

Joanna Mann

Herbalist and Instructor

In 2006 Joanna dropped out of law school and transitioned into teaching yoga. Then, in 2007, during her last month of massage school she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and thus was pushed deeper into her personal hero’s journey. Frustrated that the medicines used to control the arthritis made her sicker than the arthritis itself, she turned to diet and herbs and was able to heal herself. A decade later a visit to a sacred cave, an auspicious mushroom find, and a series of fortunate events made it clear to her she was being called to her unique path of working to connect people with themselves, with nature, and with their own innate intuitive abilities in order to propel them into greater happiness, healthiness, and holiness. Joanna received massage training at Red Mountain Institute, Yoga training with Akasha Ellis at Birmingham yoga, Reiki Masters training with Len Daley, training in Pranic healing and intuitive chakra work, and herbal training from the Appalachian School for Natural Health.

Jessica Carmon

Sound Healing Practitioner

My personal healing journey brought me to Herbalism and Aromatherapy, then on to Reiki and Sound Healing. My studies and experiences have shown time and again that when we are able to strengthen our connection to ourselves, we can tap into our inner guidance. Once we truly know ourselves, we start to uncover the best way to meet our own needs, to increase our vitality. We are able to develop all of our senses to help recognize when something is right for us and when it isn’t. This is personal power. This is the single greatest gift I have received and is now the gift I share with the world. When you step into your power, you
understand that you are NOT broken, that you CAN heal, and that you ARE the master of your Universe. You don’t have to know how to begin. You just have to be ready to work on you.

Sunny Kirkland

Sunny Kirkland

Sound Healing Practitioner

Sunny Kirkland is a seasoned practitioner and passionate teacher of healing arts. She integrates yoga, meditation, bodywork, sound healing, Reiki and plant & energy medicines to deliver personalized wholistic healing. She weaves her wisdom to create unique experiences where one can transform suffering into soul awareness, embodiment and freedom.