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Released 1/11/2022

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Episode 1: What is Intuition?

Wisdom of Tarot by Paul Foster Case (originally published in 1931) is an introduction to the use of Tarot as a key to Hermetic tradition, wisdom, and magical practice.  Available on Amazon

Paul Foster Case (1884 – 1954) was an American Occultist and member of The Order of the Golden Dawn and of the Builders of the Adytum. He wrote several books on Tarot and the practice of magic.

Click here for a short bio of Case

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What the Bleep Do We Know is a 2004 film that was applauded by the spiritual and new age community but deeply criticized by the scientific community. I agree the film has flaws and in simplifying some of the concepts may mis-represent the legitimate science behind those concepts… however, it is a movie after all. The ideas presented in this film sent me down a real rabbit hole of research.  Click Here to Watch it.

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Dr Quantum Presents: A Users Guide to the Universe by Fred Allen Wolf (2005) is an audio course that explains Quantum Theory in laymen’s terms and thoroughly explains the connections between Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness by going back and exploring the research of the original Quantum Physicists of the 40s and 50s. He weaves all of this science into some autobiographical story telling. Informative and Entertaining. Available on Amazon  

Dr. Fred Allen Wolf (1934-) holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of California. Dr. Wolf specializes in quantum physics and the relationship between physics and consciousness. Check out his website here.

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The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz (2011) is a followup to his first book The Four Agreements in which Don Miguel breaks down the Shamanic lessons taught to him by his Toltec mother into four simple codes of conduct. While the philosophy is easy to understand it is difficult to practice. Don Miguel suggests allowing yourself to erase all of the false programming from your parents and greater society and replace them with these Four Agreements. 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don’t take anything personally. 3. Don’t make assumptions. 4. Always do your best.

The Fifth Agreement is Be skeptical but learn to listen. This fifth agreement is about discernment. Learning to discern what you will accept and what you will not is an integral part of setting healthy boundaries for yourself and your experience.

Check out what the authors say about the fifth agreement here here.

Don Miguel Ruiz (1952-) is a Mexican-American Shaman and author. He has helped thousands of people raise themselves out of the American Depression and Anxiety and embrace their authentic selves with his books and his workshops.

Check out his website here.

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