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Therapeutic Massage

Chronic muscular pain is a real problem for a lot of us, and pills or surgery are usually not the right answer. People in chronic pain are often caught in an endless revolving door of “quick fixes”. Massage can often relieve muscular pain and in the process teach you about your body in a way that will give you the knowledge you need to change your lifestyle so that you can heal yourself and feel better longterm.

Deep Tissue Massage
$9060 Minutes
  • Deep Tissue Massage combines trigger point work with other Neuromuscular techniques and stretching to release knots and relax tense muscles.
Deep Tissue Massage
$160120 Minutes
  • Deep Tissue Massage combines trigger point work with other Neuromuscular techniques and stretching to release knots and relax tense muscles.
Chronic Low Back/ Hip Pain Therapy
$9060 Minutes
  • Chronic Pain Therapy massage focuses on a specific area. Let your therapist know exactly what's bothering you and we will focus on that specific problem.
$122.590 Minutes
  • A massage specifically catered to pregnancy. We use pillows in a side-lying position so you and your infant are safe and comfortable.

Skin Care

We have a full spectrum of skin care services with licensed estheticians. Whether you are looking for a Hydrafacial, Dermaplane, or a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Facial Experience, we’ve got you covered.

Hydrafacial Services

with Gwen Timmons
using Epionce physician-strength skin care line

$7530 Minutes
  • Dermaplane treatments are a popular form of physical exfoliation. Originally invented as an alternative to chemical peels, regular treatments help to reduce pigmentation and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Performed by a licensed esthetician, the skin is skimmed to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (also referred to as peach fuzz) - revealing brighter, fresher, smoother skin!
Acne Hydrafacial
$17530 Minutes
  • The Hydrafacial system utilizes a low percentage Glycolic/Salicylic peel to address inflammation, oil and post breakout pigmentation while the powerful suction smooths rough texture and administers benzoyl peroxide to eliminate anaerobic, acne bacteria.
  • "Excessive Extractions and Milia Extractions may incur additional $25 fee"
Chemical Peel
$90-$15030 Minutes
  • Chemical peels use various acids to provide deep exfoliation. Primarily used to treat wrinkles, discoloration, scarring and rough texture. Solution strength determines penetration and can vary from superficial to light to moderate strength. Subsequent treatments may be necessary to reach desired results.
  • "Contraindications may apply"
Brow Wax, Tint, or Shape
$25Add On Only
  • Add Brow Wax, Tint or Shape to any facial for only $25


with Jenna Bevens
using Circadia professional, botanical skin care line

90 Minute Rejuvenating Facial
$122.5090 Minutes
  • Get the extra 30 minutes your skin and spirit needs with this Relaxing & Rejuvenating Facial
High Frequency Facial
$9060 Mins
  • High Frequency is used in the decongestion of puffy eyes, fading of dark circles, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking of enlarged pores, and to prevent stubborn acne.
Teen Facial
$9060 Minutes
  • Deep Cleanse and Blemish Removal
Anti-Acne Facial
$9060 Minutes
  • Pin Points Acne Issues


Reiki helps to align the energies of the Chakras to help initiate self-healing for whatever wellness challenges you are facing. Reiki is not attached to any religion or belief system. Anyone can receive Reiki and benefit.

Reiki Session
$9045-60 Minutes
  • Reiki is a Japanese method of energy healing. During a Reiki Session, a client can expect to experience emotional and spiritual releases that often can connect to improved physical wellness.
  • At Evolve we focus our Reiki Sessions on balancing the Chakras, or the bodies energy centers, to bring balance to your emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. We also incorporate crystal healing into every Reiki session.
Reiki Add On
$52.530 Minutes Add On
  • Add 30 Minutes of Reiki to your Massage or Facial

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

with Lidie Gorupic

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system, which has been shown to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as many other systems of the body, such as digestive, musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, and more. CST has also been shown to help with the physical components related to such somatic conditions as Post Traumatic Stress, depression and anxiety.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
$10050 Minutes
  • Craniosacral therapy helps patients heal with a light touch hands-on, whole-body method of releasing restrictions around the brain and spinal cord to enhance central nervous system performance and help the body to self-correct, working towards health in body, mind, and spirit.
SomatoEmotional Release
$10050 Minutes
  • SomatoEmotional Release is a manual therapy process that expands on the core principles of CranioSacral Therapy to help rid the body of the residual effects of past trauma and negative emotional experiences.
Energetic Balancing
$10050 minutes
  • Energetic Balancing designed to bridge the gap between bodywork and energy medicine. Over time, the body stores and accumulates patterns of physical tension from physical, biochemical, and electromagnetic stressors. Additionally, unresolved mental, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual/consciousness issues can contribute an abnormal energetic charge to this existing physical tension creating energetic charged tension and stress patterns (lesions) in the tissues. If left untreated, these unresolved energetic lesions can result in structural and functional limitations leading to pain, altered function, and abnormal physiology. Founded on the principles of Quantum Mechanics, EB utilizes specialized energetic techniques to treat at the core level of dysfunction and release this energetically charged tension and stress patterns (physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual) locally and throughout the body.

EFT (Tapping)

with Michael Disko

EFT is a Alternative Therapy that addresses emotional distress like PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias, Fears, and Anger using a combination of Tapping Meridian points while repeating a self-affirming mantra and eye movements borrowing from EMDR therapy. The style of EFT practiced at Evolve is actually a combination of EFT, TFT, and EFT Energy and includes meditative breathing and visualization.

In Person EFT Session (1st Session)
$8560-90 minutes
  • In your first EFT Session we will explore your issues, develop your EFT statements and you will learn the EFT process to use in your own practice.
EFT In Person Follow-up
$50approx 30 minutes
  • In a follow up EFT Session we will go back through your EFT process established in the first session and make any adjustments as needed. (Must have had a first session EFT with us)

Health Coaching

with Valerie Chastain

Valerie is a Certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also has a lifetime of experience managing her own auto-immune challenges. Valerie has been through the difficulties and frustrations of going to doctor after doctor and getting no answers, no direction, and no results.

Her 6 month program is a commitment to yourself and feeling better. Health Coaching puts the power to manage your own health in your hands with knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle. Health Coaching is not a quick fix but an opportunity to educate yourself to make changes that will last a lifetime.

If you aren’t sure the program is for you, book a single session. Valerie has a wealth of knowledge and you will be surprised how much she can help you get back on track in one hour.

Health Coaching Program
$150per month
  • Health Coaching can help you reach your wellness goals with diet, better lifestyle choices and the right supplements. Over this six month program Valerie can get you on your path to a better you.

Transformational Life Coaching

with Michael Disko

Michael has spent the last ten years studying and applying techniques from a variety of different cultures and secret mystery traditions to learn how to change one’s own frequency to change their experience in life. If you feel like you are on a hamster wheel – ready to find your path to a better life – Michael can help get you back in the right direction.

You can schedule an in person session or a remote session on Zoom.

Michael has also developed an 8-Week online course and has weekly zoom classes available for a monthly membership.

Remote (Zoom) Session
$9060 Minutes
  • Michael will sit down with you and discuss your personal goals and give you suggestions and insights that will help you on your healing path. - All from the comfort of your home.

Package Pricing

Four 60 Minute
$300Massage, Reiki, or Facials
  • Packages are good for 1 Year and cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash. Cannot be combined with other discounts or specials. Cannot be used with Hydrafacial services.