Full Moon Cacao & Sound Ceremony

May 6, 2023 (1-5p)

with Sunny



With dive into the deep watery depths of the full moon in Scorpio and lunar eclipse.  Using ceremonial cacao and sound we journey to the depths of our inner world, opening to heal our hurts and reinstate our joy.

We sit in sacred circle to share our experience of being human, welcoming our light and our dark to be compassionately witnessed.  Eclipses are notorious for chaos and destabilization, but only so we can reorient our self with greater, higher alignment.  With crystal bowls we still the mind while activating the self-healing mechanisms of the body.  This time shall bring us in contact with our inner most being, able to use our strength to move into life with power and resiliency.


This includes snacks.

Learn more about cacao ceremony here:

https://puravida-healingarts.aweb.page/p/5aca58dc-2e57-4e1b-be52-ebeb6589bba1 (https://puravida-healingarts.aweb.page/p/5aca58dc-2e57-4e1b-be52-ebeb6589bba1)