Workshop with Shey

Open your heart to its deepest wisdom with practices drawn from ancient Buddhist practices, modern science, and contemporary spiritual perspectives. Shey Khandro will take us on a journey of co-creation awakening to our highest potential.

Grounded in Love and supported by timeless spiritual understandings and discoveries in metaphysics and modern science, we will explore the possibility of a world motivated by compassion and kindness. Shey believes the power to awaken a healed and happy world lies in our own hands and hearts. With an agenda for positive change in this fast-moving world, we will “begin within.” Empower each moment as you walk your practice through your daily life with confidence and grace. Learn more about the power of meditation and mindfulness practices to support your daily practice and deepen your experience of a life lived with purpose and possibility. Join us for this inspiring and transformational workshop. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.