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Massage & Alternative Healing

Holistic Wellness Studio & Boutique

Our Mission Statement:

To Promote Holistic Wellness through therapeutic massage and alternative healing and to encourage a culture of love, acceptance, compassion & spiritual Freedom

Massage Therapy & More

“Evolve Massage and Alternative Healing is small, family owned Holistic Wellness Studio in Birmingham, AL. We offer the best massage in Birmingham, and are referred to by chiropractors, physical therapists, and others professionals in the area to help our clientele address chronic or acute pain issues. Our therapists will address your specific issues and often will suggest  stretching and/or lifestyle changes that may help to advance your improvement in between sessions. 

As a wellness center, we also offer a variety of Alternative Healing modalities to help you along your healing journey. We have several Reiki Masters on staff, as well as a certified Sound Healing Practitioner. Energy Healing is gaining more and more credibility in the world of holistic healing and can be applied to address mental/emotional issues as well as physical ones. 

We also have a variety of meditation classes and workshops. Meditation is an important element for holistic health and a regular meditation practice helps to bring the mind and the body into  equilibrium. 

Evolve also provides opportunities to meet others in the community like our Full/New Moon Gatherings and Community Gatherings. Our community can only benefit from these kinds of gatherings. A strong community is an important element of holistic wellness.

Drop into our Boutique to check out the best selection of crystals in the Birmingham area, as well as hand made candles, bath supplies, sterling silver jewelry and more! 

We hope you can join us on this amazing healing journey we are on here at Evolve! 

See you Soon!”