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Evolve Homewood began as a small, family owned massage studio focused on deep tissue and pain management. As we grow, we are excited to offer different healing modalities for our clientele, from Reiki to Health Coaching to Facial services, with more on the way.

Our Boutique is full of beautiful crystals, unique jewelry, handmade candles, small batch soaps and bath products, local goods, supplements, books, and more.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to offer something truly unique to our little city, and are excited about nurturing the already growing community of Holistic Wellness.

Holistic Wellness

So many of us have gotten lost in the chronic anxiety of our modern lifestyle. Holistic Wellness is about slowing down for a minute, paying attention to your body, breathing deeply and being mindful. Many chronic pain issues as well as a myriad of other physical and emotional difficulties can be eased by intentional self care. Massage is an integral part of that self care and one of the best places to start.

Whether your journey into caring for yourself brings you in for massage or leads you to seeking Reiki healing, joining Valerie’s Health Coaching program, caring for your skin with our Facial services, learning how to practice Reiki yourself, or bringing ritual, beauty, and healing energy into your home with the crystals, jewelry, candles, and other incredible products in our Boutique, Evolve Homewood has what you need to help you on your self-healing path.

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“In a universe made out of energy, everything is entangled; everything is one.”

~ Bruce Lipton

The Evolve Family

Valerie Chastain

Massage Therapist LMT#3612, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Health Coach

Valerie is a Certified Health Coach, IIN. She is focused on helping women lose weight, heal their guts, and get more energy with food and lifestyle choices. Valerie is also a state licensed massage therapist since 2011, with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master Teacher. She specializes in Pain Management and loves helping clients with chronic neck pain. Valerie is also certified in Pregnancy Massage.

Valerie has a life-long passion for homeopathic medicine and Eastern Healing practices. Valerie and Michael have a four year old son, and two girls between them. In her free time she tends organic gardens and has a vast working knowledge of herbology and nutrition

Michael Disko

Massage Therapist LMT# 3841, Reiki Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner

Michael is a state licensed massage therapist since 2013 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master Teacher. He specializes in Pain Management and is skilled at using focused, precise pressure and stretching to relieve chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, or low back and hips.

Michael is a student of Eastern Medicine and Western Esoteric studies with a life-long meditation practice. When he isn’t at work, he is probably hanging out with Valerie, their son and two girls, or playing guitar or his djembe drum.

Ian Krusinski

Massage Therapist #4265, Reiki Master Teacher

Ian is a state licensed massage therapist since 2015 with certification in Neuromuscular Therapy and certified Reiki Master Teacher. He specializes in Pain Management and utilizes unique kneading and stretching techniques to combat chronic pain issues, whether your neck, back, or hips are you concern.

Ian is an accomplished aromatherapist, and crystal aficionado. When he’s not in a therapy session he is likely working on a new landscaping project, gardening, or making some of his unique silver wire-wrap metaphysical jewelry.

Brittany Mangina

Massage Therapist LMT#5275, Reiki Practitioner

Brittany is a state licensed therapist with a certification in neuromuscular therapy. She has also completed her Reiki 2 Certification. Brittany has a passion for helping others and believes massage is essential for self care of the mind, body, and soul.

Brittany loves spending free time with her friends and family. Being outdoors is a must. Whether it’s a quiet day of hiking & exploring, a day at the beach or an evening boat ride on the lake. Brittany enjoys grounding & surrounding herself in all that Mother Nature so abundantly provides.

Jenna Bevens

Massage Therapist LMT#5511, Reiki Master Teacher, Esthetician

Jenna has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016 in multiple states, certified in IET as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. She has specializations in holistic wellness and chronic pain management. Her practice incorporates multiple techniques into sessions based off of body reading and client preferences.

Jenna is a forever student always looking to learn new things. When not working with clients she is reading the stars, collecting new crystals, or dipping her toes into a new topic.

Britney Knox

General Manager

Britney is an Alabama native. She has been seeking her higher self since 2012. Britney is the mother of 3 children, a school age son, and two young daughters. She is passionate about her garden and is a student of meditation and yoga. She is deeply connected to the Source through her connections with other people, crystals, and synchronicities.

Larry Ross

Shop Associate/ Social Media Guru

Larry moved from California to Alabama in 2018. Larry has been following a spiritual path for more than five years and has been learning about themselves through crystals, meditation, and gardening. They enjoy making custom candles and gender neutral clothes in their spare time. Larry is very in tune with plants and the green earth. They believe we are all connected and the universe led them to Evolve.

Service Menu & Pricing

Health Coaching with Valerie

Free Consult
6 Month Program   $150 per Month

Massage & Pain Therapy Services

Deep Tissue Massage                              60 Min $85     90 Min $115
Chronic Neck Pain Therapy                      60 Min $85     90 Min $115
Chronic Low Back/Hip Pain Therapy        60 Min $85     90 Min $115
Prenatal Massage                                     60 Min $85     90 Min $115

Massage Packages

Four 60 Min $280
Four 90 Min $400


Reiki Session (45-60 min)     $85
Reiki Add-On (30 min)           $50

Skin Care

60 Minute Facial   $85
90 Minute Facial   $115

Other Services

EFT (Tapping)   $85


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Average rating:  
 41 reviews

Reiki is a great reset☯️!!!
I don't know who needs to hear this...
Recently, I underwent a major dental procedure that left me feeling not myself,
out of sorts.. just off kilter...
Michael Disko is just one of the amazing Reiki Masters at Evolvehomewood. My session with him was an outstanding experience!!! I left feeling calmer, like a weight was lifted & I was able to get back on track. A needed breath of air & moving of energy!!!
If you feel disjointed, out of sorts, just not 100%..
I highly recommend making an appointment & experiencing the amazing healing benefits of Reiki❤💥🙌🏼💥❤!!!!!

I sustained back injury several years ago. I have been to several physical therapy sessions, several specialist, and have tried medications but nothing has given me the the relief from pain that I received following my first session from Michael "Magic Fingers" Disko (that's my nickname for him). But on a serious note I was experiencing chronic back and hip pain which made my daily activities sometimes unbearable. I went from not being able to sleep a full night for approximately 4 months to sleeping pain free. I will probably have this issue for the rest of my life but since being a client this is the best I have felt in the last 3 years. Thanks Evolve, you all have given me life again!!!

Hands down the very best massage I have EVER had!! Dalton was very skilled and knowledgable regarding chronic pain issues and customized the massage accordingly. He was professional, friendly, accommodating and easy to talk to, providing a calm, relaxing environment. When I left I had no pain anywhere..a feeling I haven’t experienced in over a decade! I can’t wait for my next appointment!

I’ve been dealing with pain for over 30 years from muscle strain and trigger points. Between med. and injections and physical therapy ,I finally found something and someone who can give me a healthy and long term relief. BRITTANY is the therapist for me. She knew exactly where the problem areas causing pain were and focused on those. Definitely the better choice .

I pulled a muscle in my back, lifting. I scheduled a deep tissue massage, with Michael. It was Amazing! Not only did he, relieve the pulled muscle; he relieved hip stiffness, I had for years. I was a little sore the next day. But, when I tell you the pain is gone, I mean it is gone. He also showed me stretches to do at home. The shop was warm and inviting. I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment. I think I will get my neck worked on. I recommend trying Evolve out. They will literally massage the stress away. I can’t sing their praises, enough!

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Therapeutic Massage

Pain Management Specialists

Chronic muscular pain is a real problem for a lot of us, and pills or surgery are usually not the right answer. People in chronic pain are often caught in an endless revolving door of “quick fixes”. Massage can often relieve muscular pain and in the process teach you about your body in a way that will give you the knowledge you need to change your lifestyle so that you can heal yourself and feel better longterm.

“We are passionate about helping you feel better. We are not only going to use our expertise to release tight, knotted muscles, but we will also council you in stretching and meditation techniques to take home with you so you can make marked improvements even between sessions.
Pain is NOT a given side effect of aging… often it is a choice. We can help you understand what that means and how to make choices to manage and eventually relieve your daily pain.” -Michael

Skin Care

Circadia Banner

We use Circadia Products for our facial services.
Circadia is dedicated to using ECO-Cert Organic Botanicals that are globally recognized for purity.

Check out Circadia’s website here.


60 minute facial- First cleanse with foaming cleanser, second cleanse with creamy cleanser and foreo(15 min), exfoliate with either scrub or enzyme [use rollers if doing enzyme](15 min), extract either manually or with suction (5 min), facial massage with gua sha tools(10 min), apply hydrating mask and crystal mask over that massage arms and neck while mask sits (10 min), tone and apply moisturizer and spf (5 min)

90 minute facial- First cleanse with foaming cleanser, second cleanse with creamy cleanser and foreo(15 min), exfoliate with scrub and enzyme [use rollers when doing enzyme](25 min), extract either manually or with suction (5 min), facial massage with gua sha tools(15 min), apply hydrating mask and crystal mask over that massage arms and neck while mask sits (15min), mini nuface routine (10 min), tone and apply moisturizer and spf (5 min)


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese method of energy healing. During a Reiki Session, a client can expect to experience emotional and spiritual releases that often can connect to improved physical wellness.

Reiki Sessions

At Evolve we focus our Reiki Sessions on balancing the Chakras, or the bodies energy centers, to bring balance to your emotional, spiritual, and physical well being. We also incorporate crystal healing into every Reiki session.

Reiki Sessions are $85 and usually last from 45 to 60 minutes.

Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes are available to anyone interested in learning Reiki, whether to be a Reiki Practitioner or for self healing and personal knowledge.

Classes are available throughout the year, and a student is not required to commit to the entire series. After you take each level, you can decide whether or not you would like to continue.

Fees for Reiki Classes are as follows:

Reiki I $100
Reiki II $200
Reiki III $300

To view upcoming class dates, and to sign up click here, and click on the “Workshops” Tab.

Valerie, Michael, and Ian are all Reiki Master Teachers trained by Ann Clark, PhD, RN.

Check out Ann’s website: Wisdom for Wellness


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