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Crystal Shop and Metaphysical Supply

Our Crystal Shop is the perfect compliment to the services we provide at Evolve.
We started our boutique with the idea that Birmingham deserves a crystal shop that is affordable, organized and beautifully displayed. Ian curates our crystal selection and we have crystals for everyone – whether you are brand new to crystals looking for your first pieces, an experienced collector interested in finding something unique, need something beautiful to transform your space, or are an energy worker looking specifically for a new tool to work with chakras, meridians, or auras.

More than a Crystal Shop!
We also carry Burnable Bouquet intention candles made by our own Larry Ross and Twin Moon Magick candles from artisan Kelle Smith.  We have hand made sterling silver jewelry with real crystal cabs, crystal mala bead necklaces for mantra and meditation, a beautiful selection of books and journals, oracle and tarot decks, Musee, Bend Soap and Pursoma bath products, hand made incense from Chattanooga maker Divine Purity, hand made North Star Leather pouches, a small selection of kimonos, shawls, and more. 

Our Crystal Shop Staff!
Our staff is super helpful and accommodating. Crystal Shops can be intimidating if you are new to the space. Not Evolve! You are welcome to ask questions of our friendly and accepting staff! In fact, we encourage it. We are excited about sharing what we know with our customers. All of our crystals are labeled with metaphysical information, so if you are feeling shy, you can learn about the crystals simply by browsing!

Looking for Supplements or Essential Oils?
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